This month in Adventure Time Magazine…


What the Huh! It’s back to the Land of Ooo for me this month as I once again join Finn and Jake’s Never Ending Death Defying Quest in Adventure Time Magazine.

It’s like a big game of consequences. A writer, well, writes a chapter, leaving a ludicrous cliffhanger and the name of the next instalment. It’s then over to another author to solve the cliffhanger, push the story on and leave Finn and Jake in even hotter water.

The title I was given this time was “Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble”. Jake and Finn are in a bother with a blobby, green monster with only the Ice King to help. Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Or is it?

Actually it is.

Find out what happens in Adventure Time issue seven, out now blatant plug dudes!

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