Discussing Doctor Who at J3 Library with David Llewellyn and Nick Walters.

In the madness of the last few weeks, I didn’t get around to blogging about the recent Doctor Who event at the shiny new J3 Library in Easton Bristol.

In the afternoon I led a creative writing workshop for teens, talking about how I became a writer and then working together on some great worldbuilding sessions. What a creative bunch they were. Some of the ideas were brilliant!

Then, in the evening I was joined by novelists  Nick Walters and David Llewellyn for an authors talk about writing Doctor Who. About 40 people came along to hear us wibble on (and to listen to me and Nick disagree about the nature of Doctor Who. Nick thinks the show is Science Fiction whereas I think it’s Fantasy. That’s a conversation that will run and run, trust me).

We were also joined by this rather awesome fan-made Dalek. Seriously, how cool is he?

David, Nick and me with a friend
David, Nick and me with a friend

After posting this on Facebook, a few people have jumped in on the ‘Is Doctor Who science fiction or fantasy?’ conversation. What do you think? Is it pure SF? Is the Doctor a wizard (with a fancy sonic wand?) or does it not matter either way? As long as the stories are good does it matter what genre it is? 

My view is that the series is nearer fantasy than SF (and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, trust me). It has SF sensibilities but the central concepts are pure fantasy and all the better for it. What about you?



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