The end of the Gloom Lord

Gloom-Lord-CoverAnd so the final chapter of The Gloom Lord has gone up on the Fiction Express website. I can’t believe it. The last five weeks have sped by!

The process has been fascinating. Every Friday a new chapter has gone up, ending in two or three choices for the school children who are reading the book. The results of the vote came in on the following Tuesday ready for me to write the next chapter to be posted on the Friday before the process starts again.

Talk about writing and plotting on the hoof! Each week I had no idea which way the kids would push the story. It was impossible to guess, which was half the fun.

It also meant I had to think quick to get yourself out of corners. When you’re usually writing a story, and your characters hit a problem, you can go back and add something earlier on in the manuscript that will help me. Sneaky, eh? Not so when you’re writing serialised fiction. Once it’s up on the website there’s no going back.

Anyway, time to relax. Oh actually, there isn’t. I’ve another book deadline next week. Gulp! Back to it then.

In the meanwhile, I’ve just noticed that the Gloom Lord himself has taken over the Fiction Express blog. What a naughty little villain he is…


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