The Gloom Lord starts today

Gloom-Lord-CoverAn exciting day today. My new e-book, The Gloom Lord, is launched, published by Fiction Express.

It’s a very different kind of e-book. Fiction Express publish one chapter every Friday. The readers vote on what happens next, choosing one of three options. The results come in on Tuesday, I write the next chapter and the process starts again.

At the moment I have an idea of where the story may go, but it really is in the hands of my readers. They’ll decide what happens to Will, Jackie and their alien chum Thran. It’s going to be an interesting – and probably bonkers – few weeks. I can’t wait to get started.

Here’s the blurb:

A Gloom Lord is threatening to spread his wave of misery across the entire galaxy – starting in Lunar Land, the brand new amusement park! Can visiting schoolchildren Will and Jackie, and their alien friend Thran, stop him before it’s too late?

You can find out more about Fiction Express by visiting their website. You’ll also be able to find me on the Fiction Express blog.

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