Event: Bristolcon, Doubletree Hotel, Bristol, Saturday 26th October,

It’s almost time for BristolCon 2013, the brilliant one-day genre convention organized by the Bristol Fantasy & SF Society. It’s being held in the Doubletree Hotel in Bristol on Saturday 26th October, with Guests of Honour Philip Reeve, Storm Constantine, and artist Mark Buckingham, plus a host of other guests, including yours truly. The programme has now popped up on the website.

Here’s my schedule for the day:

12.00 – 12.45pm, Programme Room 2
The Evolution Of Genre
with Joanne Hall, Jonathan L. Howard, Lou Morgan and Dev Agarwal.

My first panel of the day and one I’m actually moderating. Here’s the session summary:
One month it’s vampires, the next it’s zombies. How has genre writing evolved over time, and what do you think the next hot trend will be? Have some genre staples had their day, or will the vampire always rise from the grave?
Should be fun!

5.00 – 5.45pm, Programme Room 2
How Science Got Its Groove Back
With Peter Sutton, me, Rosie Oliver, Alex Dally MacFarland and Dave Bradley

Really looking forward to this one too. It’s a subject that really appeals to me, plus one of my old muckers from Future Publishing is also on the panel – Dave Bradley of SFX fame. Here’s the summary:
Recently, both on TV and in real life we have seen resurgence in the kind of popular science that feels like it’s been missing for years. Is it all down to that Cox chappie? We’ve been inspired by the antics of Commander Chris Hadfield and his magic flannel, Felix Baumgardener’s breathtaking freefall from the edge of space, and the final flights of the shuttle fleet. How is science inspiring current and future generations? And how is this influencing SF?

Doors open at 9am and run through to 10pm, with two streams of panels, kaffeeklastches and even a live digital art demonstration. Tickets are £20 and you can find out everything you need to know here.

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