Adventure Time – New story (well, part of one, anyway…)

Adventure Time is a big favourite in our house, so I was chuffed to little pieces to be asked to write for Titan’s new Adventure Time magazine. Suddenly, I am quite a cool dad around these parts.

I’ve taken part in Finn and Jake’s Never-Ending Death Defying Quest.

My chapter in Finn and Jake’s Never-Ending Death Defying Quest

The concept is simple. It’s all like a big game of consequences. A writer comes up with a chapter of the Never-Ending Death Defying Quest, ending with a crazy cliffhanger and providing a bonkers title for the next instalment. Then, another writer picks up the story in the next issue, solving the cliffhanger as quickly as possible and doing everything again to push the action on.

It’s brilliant idea from editor David Leach and I loved the challenge of writing part three, ‘Do Not Touch The Purple Spice’. I can’t wait to see how the next sucker, er I mean, contributor deals with my cliffhanger.

Issue 3 of Adventure Time is out now. It comes with a pretty neat Finn robot too. I suppose I should give that to the kids – but it does look pretty sweet next to my mac.

School visits and spooky stories

In other news, it’s been a busy couple of weeks. The last seven days have seen me running writing workshops at Christ Church Hanham Primary School and Woolford Valley Primary Academy, plus writing two stories for reluctant readers for Badger Learning.

The school visits were fun, with some fantastically imaginative pupils. The reluctant reader books have been blast too – a couple of spooky little stories, packed with monsters and ancient bogey-men (although bogey-women might be more appropriate in the case of one of the tales). More on those soon.

Another busy week ahead, but I want to find some time to work on a new YA storyline that has been buzzing around my head for the last couple of weeks. Does anyone know if it’s possible to get more hours in the day? Are they available from Argos?



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