Fun at Waterstones Gower Street’s 50 Years of Doctor Who event

A big, big thank you to Waterstones at Gower Street for hosting last night’s 50 Years of Doctor Who – and to everyone who came along. Had a great time, wibbling on about my favourite TV show with Jenny Colgan and my old mucker, Mark Wright.

I think this is my favourite photo of the evening, taken by the legend that is BBC Book’s Albert DePetrillo:


We were certainly chillaxed!

Loads of nice memories shared, great questions from the floor, laughs and lollipops – lots of lollipops. Jenny even did a reading from Into the Nowhere, her next Doctor Who novel which sounds BRILLIANT! I want to read it all. Now!

Also good to see chums Simon Guerrier, Scott Matthewman, Daniel Brennan and Bev Sanford in the crowd (and the pub afterwards too).

The scariest thing was working out, just before the event, that Night of the Whisper is the 30th professional project Mark and I have worked on, with more in the works.

No wonder, as Jenny pointed out, we spend the night finishing each others sentences like an old married couple.

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