Skylanders Annual 2014

SK_Annual2014_C_91265_frontHurrah! It’s like Christmas come early. My author’s copy of the Skylanders 2014 Annual has arrived.

These are so much fun to write and I love the idea that kids all over the country will find this wrapped up beneath the tree on December 25th. Annuals were such a big part of my childhood Christmas, from the Beano Book and superheroes to Blue Peter and K9 and Company.

Do you want a sneak peek inside? Of course you do! Here are some of my favourite bits:

There are new short stories by my penguin alter-ego, Onk Beakman…

Your chance to make your own Eggruptor egg cup…

(This is why I love my job. One minute I’m writing about Time Lords and Space Marines, the next I’m working out how to create Skylandian kitchenware. Bonkers)

The Annual also features the first ever Skylanders comic strip. The Skylanders visit the Skystones Championships, but not all is as it seems!

Plus, loads of activities, puzzles, fact-files and more.

Last years annual was the best-selling annual of 2012. I wonder how this year’s will do?

You can buy your copy from all good bookshops and Amazon too.



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