Curious places to visit in Cardiff Bay – Ianto’s Shrine

Friday night was a special occasion – Gary Russell’s 50th Birthday party. Had a great time seeing friends I’ve not seen for far too long at a fantastic venue.

At the end of the evening, we set out to find some 2am snacks in the Bay (which is nye on impossible I should add). Jason, one of my equally hungry chums, asked: “have you seen Ianto’s Shrine?”

I had no idea what he was talking about, so he, Steve and Paul took me there.

The photos below show what I saw.

In case you’re not aware, Ianto Jones was a character in Russell T Davies’ Torchwood. Ianto died in 2009’s Children of Earth series.

The shrine is found at the location of the fictional entry to the Torchwood hub, beneath the Bay. Things seem to be added regularly, including balloons and banners for Ianto’s recent 30th Birthday. There are paintings, poems and even coffee cups hung in his memory.

A bizarre little tribute to the show. Actually, it’s not that little. There’s loads of the stuff…



  1. Loved you take on the shrine. It was one of those beautiful organic happenings that grew from a few contributions to something which took on a life of its own.
    I am intrigued by the little box that pops up on the right side of this page asking people to contact you. Its novel but because of my distrust of the internet it gave me a slightly eerie feeling and my mind started down the horror story scenario so I could not bring myself to use it. Way to much imagination.

    • Don’t worry. Nothing bad happens to anyone who contacts me. Honest.

      Like the sound of the horror story though. You should write it!

  2. Just a small correction. It’s not a tribute to the show…it’s a tribute to Ianto. 🙂

    From Hysterical Woman #685, one of the original donators to the shrine.

  3. The Shrine is in memory of Ianto Jones not the show. 9 Hysterical women, [as RTD called them] were the only people that were upset at the death of Ianto, but he was wrong… again. I live in Australia and when I come over this will be one of the first places I come and see. Can you tell me of any other Character that was written for TV that has a Shrine to them, well there are none. RTD even used this concept in the abomination that was Miracle Day.

  4. I live in the Philippines and I am hoping that when I come and visit Cardiff the Shrine will still be there. I actually want to visit Cardiff more than London because all the Whovian magic (like the Experience and this Shrine) is there.

  5. Wonderful, and congrats! Although I see Ianto´s Shrine like a tribute for Ianto and Janto (Love Jack too!) this fabulous couple. Of course, Ianto´s not dead for me, that was only a bad writing. Again, congrats.

  6. I am planning a trip to the London in the upcoming fall and was going to pop over to Cardiff for a day. Very surprised to see this shrine on the map. It will be a “must see” on my list!

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