Don’t get mad, get the Angry Birds Official Sticker Book

Angry_Birds_Sticker_BookApologies about another plug, but I’ve just realised I never mentioned the fact that another of my kids’ activity books for Puffin came out this month. It’s not Skylanders this time but the turn of those Angry Birds. Yes, I’ve been writing for Red, Chuck, Matilda and the rest of the feathered furies.

(And it’s not just an excuse to sit around playing the game. Honest!)

The Angry Birds Official Sticker Book is the first of a number of Angry Birds titles I’ve got coming out over the next year or so, with more on the way. News about those nearer the time.

It’s ham-packed with birdie and piggy puzzles and activities and (of course) over 1,000 stickers. Ack!


And yes, I did have an enormous amount of fun coming up with bird and swine puns, even if some of the jokes were a bit cheep.


Glad it’s finally out there. I might celebrate with a little dance – Gammon Style!


The Angry Birds Official Sticker Book is available from Amazon and all places where books are sold.

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