New Judge Dredd short story out today

Grud on a greenie, the latest Judge Dredd Megazine is out and features a prose tale by little old me!

Roaches is a brand new short story that sees the future’s toughest lawman finding himself hounded by giant man-eating bugs. What is causing MegaCity citizens to sprout antennae and rampage on the Big Meg’s pedways?

It’s great to be back in MegaCity One. My first outing with the Justice Department came in 2003 with my first solo audio play – For King and Country – still available from Big Finish Productions for the bargain price of just four quid. Toby Longworth voiced Joe himself and no-matter how much I loved last year’s movie and Karl Urban’s performance, I still hear Toby’s gravelly tones when I read Dredd.

The audio was followed up in February 2005 with another short story in the Megazine, this time in issue 229. Dog Fight was a tale of underground games and abducted loners and came with some stunning art from Adrian Salmon. That was a double treat – my debut in a magazine I’d read since issue one and being illustrated by one of my favourite artists. I was made up – unaware that it would be eight years before I’d be writing Dredd again.


I almost made it a hat-trick with a script for Big Finish’s Judge Dredd Crime Chronicles series, but the series got the chop before I even typed a word. Drokk! But now I’m back in the Lawmaster saddle with Roaches  and I had a blast writing it, too.

2013 is turning out to be a great year when it comes to working on the stuff of my childhood. First Doctor Who, then Blake’s 7 and now Judge Dredd and… oh wait, I can’t say what the fourth thing is. Yet.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your copy of issue 338 or download it from the 2000ad website now! If you don’t, you’re looking at five years in the cube, creep!*

* OK, I admit it, this won’t happen. I am not the law. Please don’t shop me for impersonating a Judge.


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