Who-ology gets press released

who-ology-1Who-ology has only gone and got itself an official press release, the clever old thing. Here it is:

BBC Books is to bring out a fact-filled Doctor Who publication next month. Entitled Who-ology: Doctor Who – The Official Miscellany, the 384-page hardcover book, compiled by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, will be available from Thursday 2nd May.

Do you know your Sontarans from your Silurians? What are the 40 best ways to defeat a Dalek? What are the galactic co-ordinates of Gallifrey?

Test your knowledge of the last Time Lord and the worlds he’s visited in Who-ology, an unforgettable journey through 50 years of Doctor Who.

Packed with facts, figures, and stories from the show’s entire run, this unique tour of space and time takes you from Totter’s Lane to Trenzalore, taking in guides to UNIT call signs, details of the inner workings of sonic screwdrivers, and a reliability chart covering every element of the TARDIS.

With tables, charts and illustrations dotted throughout, as well as fascinating lists and exhaustive detail, you won’t believe the wonders that await. Are you ready? Then read on, you clever boy. And remember.

Scott has written books, audio dramas, and comics strips based on series including Doctor WhoThe Sarah Jane AdventuresSkylanders, and Judge Dredd. He has also written about the Doctor’s adventures in Doctor Who Magazine and SFX.

Journalist and author Wright, who is also a regular contributor to DWM, has written audios, short stories, and comic strips featuring new adventures for the Doctor, along with tie-ins to other series such as The Sarah Jane Adventures and The Power Rangers.

So now you know. Get your copy pre-ordered today!


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