Personal Appearance: Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD

daleks_invasion_earth_poster_01I am incredibly honoured to have been invited to introduce a special screening of the cult classic Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD at the Little Theatre Cinema, Bath on Sunday 5th May. I’ve loved this movie ever since I first saw it on a wet bank holiday Monday when I was knee-high to a sink-plunger.

The 1966 film starring Peter Cushing as Dr. Who, Bernard Cribbins as Tom Campbell, Jill Curzon as Jenny and Roberta Tovey as Susan has been remastered and looks absolutely stunning on the big screen. I’ll be giving a little talk about the movie as an introduction and then be signing copies of Who-ology after the final credits have rolled.

Tickets are available now so book yours today and hopefully see you there for some Technicolour Dalekmania.

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