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The lovely staff at Bromley Heath Junior School have sent me some fab pictures of my day with them.

Going through a Doctor Who comic strip
Going through a Doctor Who comic strip
Going through what makes a great magazine
Making a monster with year 5
Creating their own covers
Creating comic strips. Beware the Death Penguins of Dooooom
Who's that?
Who’s that?
Creating magazine covers
Creating magazine covers
Year 6 with their magazine covers
Year 6 with their magazine covers

They also posted a little write up of the day on their site:

In year 5 Cavan discussed comic heroes with the children. Together as a group they looked at making up a baddy for a comic strip, learning how to create characters and then putting them into a story. Along the way they looked at how you structure a comic strip story, how many boxes to use, sound effects and tricks of the trade. At the end they created their own comic strip.

In Year 6 they put together a magazine cover. Cavan talked them through the most important page of a magazine, the thing that makes people pick it up, what makes a good cover, the types of language used and tricks of the trade. They looked at how covers have changed, what works and what doesn’t, before making their own covers. This was a great activity as it got them thinking about how words and pictures work together and how to make them creative, with something to show at the end of it.

Best of all, were these quotes from the children themselves:

  • “I enjoyed making up the words to describe a monster. Square mouthed, hippo with eyes on his bum!” (Alice S)
  • “ It was exciting to find out how he started to write for Dr Who” (Zoe)
  • “It was fun to learn about the recent Doctors and how to make up new monsters” (Ollie & Izzy)
  • “Very funny when we shouted out the words to describe our monster” (Abbie)
  • “Fascinating, learning about writing for the BBC” (Mekesh)
  • “It was fun making our own Penguin of Doooom and writing the story clips” (Tom P)

It’s great to know the visit went down so well with them. Roll on the next!

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