School visits: Bromley Heath Junior School

OK, I was supposed to have written this blog last Friday but life, a dodgy boiler, a dead fish and the Ninth Doctor all got in the way. Don’t ask.

Anyway, getting back to last week. Thursday 7th March – known to its friends as World Book Day – saw me at Bromley Heath Junior School in Bristol.

In the morning, I took two year five groups through my Comic Heroes workshop. In this, we go through the process of writing comics, from idea through to script and final strip. In the process we came up with some pretty amazing monsters for our strips. There were the Death Penguins of Dooooom (with at least five o’s); stilt-wearing invaders who spit piranhas at their enemies.

Then there were the race of Space Hippos who could make your head explode by just screaming at you and had eyes on their bums instead of their faces. Terrifying. You wouldn’t want to find one of those on your loo in Tooting Bec.

After lunch, it was the turn of year six. This time we were working through my Cover Stars workshop, which explores what makes a best-selling magazine cover. The pupils soon got to work creating their own mags, writing killer coverlines and brainstorming feature ideas. My favourites included Famous Gran magazine, Nerd Monthly and Muck (The no. 1 mag for muck spreaders everywhere).

I had a brilliant day at Bromley Heath working with a truly inspiring bunch of enthusiastic kids. And the Death Penguin of Doooom? Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of them. Thanks to all the fab staff and children for making me so welcome.

Want to book me for a school visit? Then contact me today. You can also find out my Doctor Who school sessions by downloading my PDF brochure.

EXTRA: Just received this pretty fab message from Molly, one of the pupils in the first class I worked with:

Hey Cavan. We have finished our death penguins of
dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom comics and they
turned out epic! Thank u sooooooooo much for coming to our school!

You’re welcome Molly. I bet your comic strips are fantastic!


Photos of my day at Bromley Heath Junior School

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