New Book Day: Encounters of Sherlock Holmes

Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, edited by George Mann
Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, edited by George Mann

Today sees the publication of Encounters of Sherlock Holmes, a collection of new Sherlockian adventures edited by George Mann and published by Titan Books. Plus, there’s a story from me in there – “The Demon Slasher of Seven Sisters” (and yes, that title is purposely pulpy).

Review have already started to hit the web. Over at Lyndsay Faye, author of Gangs of Gotham, dubs the anthology a “thunderously good time” and later says:

“The Demon Slasher of Seven Sisters” by  Cavan Scott deserves note for being utterly charming, comprehensively Sherlockian, and possessed of a wry narrator we don’t have to scrutinize too closely because the callow George Rayne, journalist, isn’t John Watson at all.

Lyndsay also, rather kindly, quotes the opening of my little tale (which, incidentally, Cult Box describes as “cheeky but intriguing”)

Henrietta Stead was many things to many people. To her father she was a disappointment. To her sister she was an embarrassment. To Bramwell Applegarth, distinguished editor of The London Examiner, she was an irritant and to me, well, a man is allowed his secrets, isn’t he?

To Sherlock Holmes, however, she was always the woman; the woman who nearly bludgeoned him to death, that is.

Meanwhile, over at “The Demon Slasher” gets another mention:

Cavan Scott, mainly active in science fiction, contributes The Demon Slasher of Seven Sisters. Here Holmes investigates a series of terrible attacks thought to be either the work of Jack The Ripper or Springheeled Jack, but whose solution turns out to be more prosaic and, in a way, contemporary.

Phew. Writing a Holmes story is nerve-wracking to say the least. Would I do the Great Detective justice? Would the mystery hold together? Plus, I made the decision to dispense with Watson (although his presence is hopefully still felt in the story). What a relief that the first reviews suggest I’ve pulled it off.

“Comprehensively Sherlockian”? I might put that on my business card (along with “cheeky but intriguing” of course).

The collection is available from Amazon and all good booksellers. I know I can’t wait to read the other tales in the book.

Meanwhile, over at Geek Native, our esteemed editor George answers the question of whether authors should tinker with Conan Doyle’s vision of Sherlock Holmes at all. Check it out. 

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