Resurrection Engines Reviewed

Resurrection-EnginesJust a quick note to share a couple of reviews that Resurrection Engines has picked up over the last couple of days. For those who don’t know, this hefty anthology, edited by Scott Harrison, features my steampunk retelling of Snow White.

Of the collection as a whole, James Lovegrove writes in the Financial Times, calls the collection “both varied and consistently entertaining” while at The Hub, Paul Simpson says

Scott Harrison’s very different account of Jekyll and Hyde, Kim Lakin-Smith’s ‘The Island of Peter Pandorica’ and Cavan Scott’s ‘Fairest Of Them All’ examine some of the same themes as their inspiration but add an even darker side to them.

That was certainly my intention for ‘Fairest Of Them All’. The starting point was the horror that Snow White faces in the original tale just because she was cursed with beauty. What if that beauty became a commodity?

Resurrection Engines is out now, published by Snow Books, and available from AmazonWaterstonesWH Smiths and all good bookshops

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