Stuff I can’t talk about yet

Being a tie-in writer makes writing blog posts difficult. Most of the stuff I’m working on at the moment I can’t speak about until it’s announced officially.

For example, today Mark and I delivered the first draft of a book that we can’t talk about and are having something else we can’t talk about recorded on Thursday.

This afternoon I finished and submitted a short story I can’t talk about for a project I can’t talk about and am now starting planning out the first book in another series I can’t talk about while waiting for notes on a story that…

Well, you get the idea. It means that today’s post is similar to one of those smug twitter / facebook statuses that say “I’ve just had a top-secret meeting nyah nyah nyah”. The good thing is that I should have a flurry of news to report soon.

I must admit that getting the manuscript in this morning was a huge weight off my shoulders. I still have plenty of deadlines before Christmas but that was the biggie. It feels like I can start looking forward to the big day now.

Tomorrow, I’m off to London to pop into my editors at Penguin and Random House. I might even allow myself to watch something Christmassy on the train. Alternatively, the DVD of the classic BBC adaptations of The Stalls of Barchester and A Warning to the Curious has just dropped through the door, an early Christmas present to myself. Well, as this picture shows, I’ve been a very good boy this year…

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