Festive Freaks: The Stroppy Stocking of Staple Hill

It’s December 1st and to celebrate here’s another Festive Freak.

The Stroppy Stocking of Staple Hill likes nothing more than snooze through the festive season. Unfortunately for the sullen sock, Christmas is a very noisy time. If woken from its slumber, the stinky stocking will fill itself with stale satsumas and stomp over to the perpetrator, stamping on them until they shut up.

The good news is that you can usually tell that the Stocking is coming. It reeks of rotten Brussels sprouts. Yuk!

More Festive Freaks coming soon, but if you missed them check out The Phantom Christmas Pudding of Pucklechurch and The Cackling Cracker of Chipping Sodbury.

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