Festive Freaks: The Cackling Cracker of Chipping Sodbury


I hope you didn't have nightmares about the Phantom Christmas Pudding of Pucklechurch after yesterday's blog. As far as I know, the devilish desert hasn't struck yet this year.

Thinking about the Pudding reminded me of another creepy Christmas critter. With just a month before the big day I thought it best to warn you of its existence.

The Cackling Cracker of Chipping Sodbury is a sneaky supernatural so-and-so. It creeps up behind carefree carollers and gives them the shock of their life before they can sing a note.

The last recorded sighting of the pesky prankster was back in December 2006. Mrs Brenda Barnstormer of 298 Warbler Way was about to launch into a lusty rendition of Good King Wenceslas when the Cackling Cracker exploded behind her with a terrifying BANG!

The poor dear jumped into the air, leaving nothing behind bar her pink fluffy ugg boots. In fact, the startled songstress was so surprised that she shot straight into orbit and was last seen speeding past the International Space Station still clutching her carol sheet.

So, watch out for the tell-tale titter of the tissue-wrapped terror. It can't help but snigger before going SNAP!

Come back soon for more Festive Freaks…


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