Stir-up Saturday (& the Phantom Pudding of Pucklechurch)

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Christmas. In fact, Mrs Cav is always trying me to stop me starting the celebrations in early March. However, even I have to admit that this year everyone seems to be starting the festive season far too early.

This didn't stop us from making the Scott Family Christmas Pudding today. Usually we wait until Stir-up Sunday, but I'm away for the day itself, so we had a Stir-up Saturday instead. The pudding is now singing in the copper – well, the steamer at least. Sultanas, cherries, cranberries, breadcrumbs, dates and stem ginger. Yum!

I even sneaked a Chrimbo CD on when we were busy stirring. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.


All this made me think of a little local legend. The Phantom Christmas Pudding of Pucklechurch is said to bounce out of the shadows and sink its custard-stained, holly-sharp teeth into anyone who mentions Christmas before 1st December.

And then it's off, lolloping back into the festive fairy realm, leaving nothing but a series of brandy butter puddles in its wake.

I better watch my step…


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