I’m a celebrity – Project: Twilight for a fiver

To celebrate Colin Baker’s time in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Big Finish are offering Doctor Who – Project: Twilight by me and Mark Wright for download for just a fiver for  one day only today.

The first of the Project series, Doctor Who – Project: Twilight finds the Doctor encountering the sinister Forge for the first time, with trusty companion Evelyn (Maggie Stables) at his side.

In the renovated docklands of South East London, on the bank of the river Thames, the doors of the Dusk are open for business. Bets are called, cards are dealt and roulette wheels spun. As fortunes are won and lost, an inhuman killer stalks the local avenues and alleyways – a killer with a taste for human flesh.

As Big Finish says:

Out in the jungle, Colin has won himself a place in the Aussie book of records, been offering people a rub of his tummy for good luck, putting out fires over fires and hugging his way into people’s hearts. All hail our prospective King of the Jungle! Check out his best bits here, UK viewers.

Project: Twilight is available to buy for a fiver today


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