Skylanders Spyro book predicted to be big seller

Just had a rather wonderful text from my good friend George Mann alerting me to the fact that the Bookseller has predicted that my next Skylanders chapter book – Spyro versus the Mega Monsters – will be a big seller in January.

Of course, I’ll forgive them for the fact that they’ve said this is the first Skylanders fiction title. That honour went to The Machine of Doomalthough Spyro versus the Mega Monsters is the first of The Mask of Power series.

They also print the rather wonderful news that the Official Skylanders 2013 Annual, also by yours truly, is number four in the Annuals chart. Just behind Moshi Monsters, The Beano and One Direction? I’ll take that.


Go Skylanders!

And yes, to the Skylanders fans who’ve been emailing in, you did spot Onk Beakman’s name in the Skylanders Giants game. How are you all enjoying it? I finished it a few weeks ago now and loved every minute.

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