Skylanders Machine of Doom – just nerdy enough…

Sometimes you receive a message that makes you grin from ear to ear.

This is one of them. Just received this on twitter:

Mission accomplished!

There have also been some pretty wonderful comments from parents over at

I bought this book for my son who is 7 and is a good reader, but I usually have to beg him to read or we have to take turns reading pages. He picked this up and did not want to stop. This morning before I left for work I went to say goodbye and he had it open again and was so excited to find out what would happen next. This has never happened.

Very chuffed with that one!

My son does not like to read, so it’s a hunting mission, getting him to be interested in a book. He likes skylanders, and his comment on this book was, “I’ve never seen anything like it!” And that is alot coming from him. Unfortunately its not a very teen geared book, its more for the age right before. However, still a great idea. They took the video game characters and now they are talking in a skylander adventure book . My very difficult son loves it. I hope more come out, rather than the sticker books …. etc…

(Of course, I’d point out that the sticker books are very good too – more to read in them than you’d think!)

I saw this book and thought it might interest my son who is a huge fan of video games but rarely ever reads anything unless he has to. The day that I got it I just set it in his room and forgot about it. He saw the book after school and picked it up right away to start reading. He was so excited he kept coming out to tell me about spell punks and other creatures. I have never seen him so excited about reading before. I hope they make more Skylander books.

Well, actually we are!

Can’t tell you how happy these comments made me. Proves again the importance of tie-in novels. They can get kids reading who never would think of picking up a book. And of course, they also give us tie-in writers a responsibility to make sure the books are good!

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