Skylanders Machine of Doom Review

A fab review for Skylanders: Machine of Doom has popped up on the Armadillo Magazine website. Here’s a little of what they had to say:

The story is written in a style that will appeal to younger readers. It has short sentences, plenty of dialogue and there are also lots of amusing black and white illustrations. Many children will already know the characters from the successful video game but readers who are not familiar with the game will still be able to enjoy this story, which is full of excitement and laughs.

Particularly like the ‘full of excitement and laughs’ bit as that’s exactly what I wanted from the book.

Back to it today after the fun and frolics of FantasyCon. Yesterday was all about getting outlines for books four and five to Penguin and for the rest of the week I’m back at Future Plus working on a customer publishing project. Talking of which, I should there’s a grindstone running. I better get my nose to it.

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