Blake’s Seven: The Forgotten previewed

March was supposed to be my quiet month. March was supposed to be my month for taking stock and hatching plans. It was supposed to be my month for plotting – in every sense of the word.

At, least that was the idea.

March has turned out to be anything but quiet, not that I’m complaining. Some amazing opportunities have popped up, quite unexpectedly. The plotting and planning is underway, just not for the projects I originally had in mind. Of course, due to the nature of most of my work I can’t actually talk about any of these exciting new things. Bah! It’s a case of watch this space, I’m afraid.

One thing I can talk about is The Forgotten, the new Blake’s Seven novel that I recently completed with my long-time writing partner Mark Wright. As I think I’ve mentioned, oooh, at least 1,000 times over the last few months, the book is out in May from Big Finish Productions and kicks off their range of Blake’s Seven novels. It is followed in November by Scott Harrison’s Archangel, which has a rather lovely cover.

If you can’t wait until then, then you can read the first three chapters of The Forgotten over at the Starburst website.

The novel has also been given a nice little write-up in the latest issue of Vortex, Big Finish’s online mag. I’ve always wanted to write something “rollickingly great”. In fact, I might have that on my gravestone. “Here lies Cavan Scott. He was rollickingly great don’t you know…”



Blake’s Seven fans should also check out the issue of Vortex as it features an interview with Simon Guerrier, Nigel Fairs and Peter Anghelides, writers of the first Blake’s Seven – The Liberator Chronicles box set.

And so, onto another busy week. Most of the week will be taken up writing a children’s quiz book, kicking off work on a new kid’s series for Penguin, going through the SFX edits for Iris Wildthyme series 3 and throwing ideas back and forth with Mark on two new top-secret projects. I’m also aiming to eat and sleep at some point.

Exciting times and places, as Doctor Who once wrote…



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