Blake’s 7: The Forgotten

Blake's 7: The Forgotten by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

The reason for my lack of posts here has just been announced.

Mark Wright and I have been busy writing the first new Blake’s 7 novel for over 25 years, based on the cult science fiction show from the late 1970s.

The full release is on the Big Finish Website, but in the meantime here’s the preview blurb for Blake’s 7: The Forgotten:

After carrying out a successful attack against a Federation communications station on Xantos Beta, the Liberator is hounded by Travis into an area of negative space – an area that appears blank on all star charts. As the Liberator penetrates deeper into the sector, the journey become increasingly erratic, and Jenna struggles to keep the ship under control as Zen goes offline and all systems shut down. The abandoned space station they see looming ahead seems like the crew’s only chance of survival. But they don’t know what is waiting for them on board… or that their troubles have only just started.

Blake’s 7: The Forgotten is available for pre-order now.

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