The Many Deaths of Jo Grant out now

The alternate cover to The Many Deaths of Jo Grant

As I write this, I’m listening to the wonderful Katy Manning breathe life into my latest script and I’m over the moon. Doctor Who – The Companion Chronicles: The Many Deaths of Jo Grant, written by myself and Mark Wright, is out now. After working with Katy on the Iris Wildthyme over the last few years, it was an honour to be asked to write for Jo, the character she played back in the 1970s.

Doctor Who Magazine issue 440
Doctor Who Magazine 440

You can find out more about the origins of the story in a special preview in the latest Doctor Who Magazine (issue 440, on sale now). The Companion Chronicles producer, David Richardson, says some lovely things about the story, including:

“This is one of those Companion Chronicles that breaks the mould a little; it plays with story structure in a very interesting way. But to reveal how would be to spoil it…”

The Many Deaths of Jo Grant is available now. 

Doctor Who Insider issue 8
Doctor Who Insider issue 8

Elsewhere in time and space, issue eight of Doctor Who Insider has materialised. This month I interview Doctor Who and Blue Peter legend, Peter Purves and writer Simon Guerrier about the upcoming Companion Chronicle, The First Wave. Peter was joy to interview. That familiar voice on the other end of the telephone line instantly transported me back to my childhood. And his impression of William Hartnell has to be heard to be believed. It’s spookily accurate…

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