Dinosaurs, aliens and Timelords

October was always planned to be quiet, a chance to work on a couple of novel ideas that have been buzzing away at the back of my mind. That didn’t happen. A few unexpected – but quite welcome – phone calls changed all that and I’ve been busy beavering away on some new projects which I hope I will be able to reveal soon.

In the meantime, I need to bring you up to date on some of my latest news.

Sue Hendrickson (Photo: BBC Knowledge / Getty)

The Nov / Dec 2011 issue of BBC Knowledge, the BBC’s mag ‘for the curious mind’ is out now. It features a special, extended version of the Planet Dinosaur article I wrote for Focus a few months back. Blast from the Past is the ‘Director’s Cut’. I’m particularly pleased that Knowledge gave me the chance to interview one of my heroes. In 1990, Sue Hendrickson discovered the largest and most complete T.rex fossil ever found. Named after her, ‘Sue’ is on display in The Field Museum, Chicago. Sue is an incredibly humble person, who honestly believes that she shouldn’t have been the one to make such a monumental discovery. Unfortunately, space was limited in the Knowledge print edition, but I’m pleased to say that the full transcript is available at the BBC Knowledge blog.

Nick & Booster in Brain Drain, from Nitro issue 102

Brain Drain and beyond

From the sublime to the (literally) ridiculous, my latest Nick Nitro and Booster comic strip Brain Drain – has appeared in this week’s Nitro magazine. This time our hero and his parping puppy come face to face with LEGO’s invading Aliens. Can Nick and Booster stop the evil machinations of Supreme Commander Hypaxxus-8 and his brain-hungry hordes?

More extraterrestrial excitement is found in issue 7 of Doctor Who Insider, also out now. In this month’s Audio Insider column I interview Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie, writers of Big Finish Production’s The Doomsday Quatrain, about Nostradamus, the Seventh Doctor and four-metre-tall crocodilians.

Finally, I have started to review for the British Fantasy Society. My first reviews Dark Heart by Darren J. Guest  and Terra Damnata, by James Cooper are online now.

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