Safeguarding children article in Cardiff University Magazine

Cardiff University Magazine

The latest issue of Cardiff University’s Magazine has just been sent out to alumni and features an article from yours truly.

In Neighbourhood Watch, I interview Dr Sally Holland of the Cardiff School of Social Sciences about her research into safeguarding children in the community. Dr Holland has been working with two very different communities – a local authority housing estate and an up-and-coming commuter village –  to explore how the locals care for the young people in their areas. The results show that social stereotypes straight out of Shameless couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here’s a short extract:

According to Dr Holland, the two-year research project has demonstrated how easy it is for first impressions to be coloured by assumptions and prejudices. “For many,” she says, “an outdoor parenting style automatically triggers stereotypical images of uncaring families, as portrayed in the UK Channel 4 TV series Shameless. From the outside, it looks as if the children are not being looked after properly. However, within the community it is seen as a strength. The majority of the parents in the Slopes rely on the fact that they know there are people outside looking out for their children.”

The full piece is available to read online. Head over to Cardiff University Magazine and scroll down to page 20.

Neighbourhood Watch by Cavan Scott

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