Doctor Who Insider issue 6 and horror in Doctor Who

Doctor Who Insider issue six

A quick shout out to issue six of Doctor Who Insider which has plopped through my door.

As always I’ve provided the Audio Insider pages and this month chat to authors James Goss and Darren Jones about their new 11th Doctor talking books, The Hounds of Artemis and The Eye of the Jungle.

James talks about the research that went into creating the nightmarish Artemis (“Even when she’s being nice, she’s slaughtering people all over the place.”) while Darren discusses how far you can push horror in Doctor Who.

The latter question is quite interesting. I know that these days Mark and I would never get away with the level of horror we slipped into Project: Twilight ten years ago, but Doctor Who was a different show in those days. Your average Who fan (I refuse to say Whovian) was in their thirties. Now, quite rightly, it’s a show enjoyed by kids once again. As Big Finish script editor said Alan Barnes said when I interviewed him back in issue one of Doctor Who Insider:

“There was a time, back in the nineties and 2000s, when Doctor Who was largely unregulated and people did some extraordinarily challenging things. Time has moved on and we have to be aware of where the series is now. I always have it in the back of my mind that someone’s granny might buy one of these for their 11-year-old grandchild who loves the TV series. You have to be careful with doing really horrible stuff.”

What do you think? Is Doctor Who toeing the line in terms of terror these days? How far can you push things when you know kids are watching?

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