My new Book – Planet Dinosaur – now available for pre-order

Planet Dinosaur by Cavan Scott, coming soon from BBC Books

I am very excited to blog that my new book, Planet Dinosaur, is now available to pre-order from all good bookshops (and probably some bad ones too).

Written to tie into the landmark BBC TV series of the same name, due to roar onto the small screen in a few short weeks, the book tells the story of the spectacular prehistoric creatures that are so brilliantly recreated in flawless CGI.

Here’s the official blurb:

Ten years ago, Walking with Dinosaurs brought this species to life with groundbreaking CGI and new science. Since then we have entered into a golden age of dinosaur discoveries and in this explosive new book to accompany the landmark BBC series, we discover more monstrous, more horrific and more bizarre dinosaurs than we’ve ever known before.

The opening up of new areas of the world such as China and Africa have led to a huge increase in our knowledge. We have discovered the biggest plant-eating dinosaurs that ever lived, the giant carnivores which fed on them, and the weird and wonderful creatures that evolved over millennia, adapting to dominate every corner of the Earth.

With incredible CGI artwork and fascinating scientific discoveries, Planet Dinosaur brings to life a terrifying prehistoric world of giants, killers, feathered beasts and sea monsters in extraordinary detail.

I’m eagerly awaiting my early copies to arrive but can’t wait to see the final result. It was a fascinating book to work on and the artwork from Jellyfish is simply stunning.

Go and preorder Planet Dinosaur today.

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