Basilisks and volunteers

A quick work update while I wait for Lion to download.

The July issue of Countryfile Magazine is out now, featuring the latest in my series of Country Tales – A group of Welsh knights contesting a family estate must face the ultimate test – can they kill the dreaded Basilisk that lurks by the water?

National Trust volunteers should also be receiving their summer edition of Active, the small magazine I edit for the National Trust. Packed with stories about the many different way folk volunteer with the Trust – including some you may not expect, such as cider making – it can also be downloaded from the National Trust website.

Overall, it’s been a busy month. I’ve written a number of features, including an upcoming cover feature for Focus magazine, more Doctor Who Insider interviews and an interesting piece about child protection for Cardiff University Magazine, and have also been putting the finishing touches to my latest book for BBC Books.

Then there are a couple of top-secret projects that I can’t mention but am bursting to spill the beans about. More about those when the official announcements have been made…

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