Mat Follas: You brits are ashamed of your food

Former MasterChef champion Matt Follas

My interview with BBC MasterChef 2009 champion Mat Follas is published today on In ‘You Brits are ashamed of your own food, says MasterChef champion’ Mat talks about life post-MasterChef, the philosophy of his restaurant, The Wild Garlic, and why the British have a cultural inferiority complex when it comes to their food.

Mat came across as a thoroughly decent and sincere chap. What I love about him is that he’s throwing himself into the deep end by opening his own restaurant. He could have gone down the route of working in someone else’s kitchen but he wanted to be his own man. The most amazing thing is that he’s learning to be a restauranteur as he goes, having no training or real experience. It therefore makes it even more impressive that he’s making a real go of it.


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