FantasyCon 2012 Book Stash

FantasyCon 2012 Book Stash

October 1, 2012 No Comments »

When I set out for FantasyCon, I told myself I wouldn't buy any books. After all, my to-read pile already looks like the leaning tower of Pisa and – more... Read More »

Adam’s Farm, a ghostly review and a day of Big Finishes…

March 10, 2011 No Comments »

It’s been all go here in my little study. My poor keyboard has been pounded to an inch of its life as I race towards the deadline of my new... Read More »

Obverse Book of Ghosts reviewed

December 17, 2010 No Comments »

Just popping in to say that a fab little review of three of the tales from The Obverse Book of Ghosts turned up today on the wonderfulUn:Bound blog Read More »

Meet The Obverse Book of Ghosts writers

November 24, 2010 No Comments »

The Obverse Book of Ghosts is out today. I’m really proud of this little ghostly volume and the 12 writers who have contributed. To find out more about my band... Read More »

Recent projects

October 18, 2010 No Comments »

It’s been a while since I’ve update my news blog but lots has been going on. First up, Doctor Who – Project: Destiny, the long-awaited sequel to Project: Twilight and... Read More »

Doctor Who: Mistaken Identity

July 2, 2010 No Comments »

The latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures – issue 173 to be precise – features a fancy-pants lenticular cover, plus a new comic strip from me, my first for the... Read More »

Things that go bump

June 16, 2010 No Comments »

Another one of my current projects has just been announced. When I was a stroppy teenager, I often used to go and stay with my Grandparents on Jacob’s Wells Road... Read More »