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Fear and Star Wars

I was really pleased to talk to Matt Moore for his Halloween article How fear is the path to hope in Star ...
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Tales From Vader’s Castle #5

Happy Halloween! I can't believe that it's the finale of Tales From Vader's Castle already. Where have the last five weeks ...
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Tales From Vader’s Castle #4

Issue 4 of Tales From Vader's Castle features characters I've wanted to write since I first saw Return of the Jedi 35-years ago ...
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The spooky secrets of Tales From Vader’s Castle

A special behind-the-scenes commentary of Tales From Vader's Castle has gone live on You'll find excerpts from my scripts, trivia about ...
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Tales From Vader’s Castle #3

We're half way through our Star Wars Adventures weekly event. Time flies faster than the Millennium  Falcon around here. This week ...
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Tales From Vader’s Castle #2

This is the issue that started it all. Sitting in the San Diego Marina hotel, Lucasfilm Publishing's creative director Michael ...
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OK, I'm having to change my name for Halloween... Michael Siglain, Creative Director at Lucasfilm Publishing, just tweeted this... So, that's ...
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Tales From Vader’s Castle #1

Welcome to the spookiest month of the year. The countdown to halloween has begun and with it, the launch of Star ...
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Chris Fenoglio ‏on Vader’s Castle

Artist Chris Fenoglio tweeted a typically self-deprecating cartoon about his role in Tales From Vader's Castle earlier today. Here it is ...
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Tales From Vader’s Castle Convention Exclusive

Unfortunately, I'm not going to be at New York Comic Con this year, but the first issue of Star Wars Tales ...
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Tales from Vader’s Castle

I'm back from San Diego and almost human again. The jet-lag hasn't been too bad, although I did manage to ...
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