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Creating magazine covers
Author Cavan Scott on a school visit

Hello there! This is the page where you can find out about booking me for an author’s visit.

In case you were wondering, I’m author Cavan Scott, writer of numerous novels, audio dramas, short stories and comic strips based on some of the most popular characters in known universe.

I’ve written for  Doctor Who,  SkylandersThe Sarah Jane Adventures, Angry Birds, Adventure TimePower RangersWarhammer 40,000, Highlander and Judge Dredd. Plus, I’ve written a number of non-fiction books – including Who-ology – The Official Doctor Who Miscellany, Planet Dinosaur and Countryfile Perfect Days Out – and edited magazines from children’s titles such as Disney Big Time to adult publications such as Countryfile Magazine.

Why book an author visit?

Why? Because nothing inspires a child to read and create their own stories more than meeting a real-life author. My visits are proved to enthuse children about reading and get them creating their own characters, settings and worlds. I have particular success with reluctant readers, communicating with them that reading can be fun and exciting.

What happens on the day?

It all depends on what you want for your school or library. From simple author talks to full creative writing workshops, I can tailor my visit to your needs, to make sure you get the most out of my time with you.

Here are just some of the different sessions I run – click on the tabs to find out more:

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I have been writing Doctor Who books, audios and comics for over 15 years now and have a number of time-twisting writing workshops that will get your children creating their own adventures in time and space.

Monster Mash (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
Using a very special prop from the TV show, my stories and multimedia clips from Doctor Who, we create our own monsters and think about how they can be used in a story. The session gets your pupils thinking about creating characters, coming up with brilliant names, using vivid vocabulary and all the senses to build a complete picture of their creations and finally working the monster into an exciting story.

Script Doctor (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
Doctor Who is known for its exciting openers. Using examples from the TV show and my own stories we look at the basics of scripts, writing strong and believable dialogue, building a location and creating a hook to grab your audience. At the end of the session, the pupils will have short scenes that they can act out to the group.

Doctor Who Superfan Superquiz (One hour talk and quiz for large groups)
Half author talk, half game show, the Superfan Superquiz sets out to find the biggest Doctor Who fans in your school. Teams for two classes go head to head, answering Doctor Who quick fire questions, testing their observation skills and even becoming a Weeping Angel. In between rounds I share how Doctor Who helped forge a lifetime love of reading and writing, enthusing the pupils to go out and do the same.

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Creating their own covers
Busy at work creating their own stories

Get your children’s creative juices flowing with one of my fun writing workshops.

Idea Factory! (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
Authors always get asked where they find their ideas. In this fun, brain-storming workshop I reveal all. We look at fun ways to come up with new ideas, using everyday objects to create fantastic stories that stretch your pupils’ imaginations to the limit. Who knows where their stories will take them?

Where Are We? (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
Imagine if your school and library was transported to another time or place! Using a series of simple questions, we will develop story plans that could then be developed further in literacy lessons. Will the school end up on a distant planet or back in history? Why have we moved there? And, most importantly, how can we get back. This is always a popular lively workshop.

Characters with Character (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
A story without good characters is pretty dull! I show your pupils how to create rounded, believable characters using all the tricks of the trade, looking at what makes a compelling hero or a dastardly villain. At the end of the session, your children with have characters that they can go on to use in their own stories.


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Going through a Doctor Who comic strip
Going through a Doctor Who comic strip

Comics are a great way to get children creating their own worlds and characters and are especially effective with reluctant readers.

Comic Heroes and Villains (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
Pow! Crunch! Zap! We look at how comic strips are put together, from the first idea to the final artwork, taking in tricks of the trade such as sound-effects and even how many panels to use. Then, we create a brand new superhero (or even villain) before breaking into groups to create brand new comic adventures. A fantastic exercise that has pupils really visualising their story ideas.


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Year 6 with their magazine covers
Year 6 pupils and their own magazine covers

Stop the press! With 20-years of journalistic experience, I can help your children create their own magazines and newspapers, sharing secrets of the publishing world. Here are just a couple of my available sessions:

Cover Star (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
I talk your children through the most important page of a magazine – the cover. We’ll learn what makes a good cover, the types of language we use and tricks of the trade. We’ll look how covers have changed, what works and what doesn’t, before they go into groups to make their own covers.

Read All About It (One hour workshop, for up to 40 pupils)
Discover what makes a good magazine news story and how you get the all important information. The session ends with the children using what they’ve learnt by interviewing each other and reporting back with what they’ve discovered. [/tab]



Don’t just take my word for it, click the tabs below to discover what teachers and pupils have said about my visits:

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  • Thank-you2“I enjoyed making up the words to describe a monster.” (Alice S)
  • “It was exciting to find out how he started to write for Dr Who” (Zoe)
  • “Very funny when we shouted out the words to describe our monster” (Abbie)
  • “It was fun making our own Penguin of Doooom and writing the story clips” (Tom P)
  • “It was exciting meeting a REAL author. Meeting an author has inspired me so much, I want to be an author!” (Emily B)
  • “It was the best thing in the universe. I loved it! I planned out my own Doctor Who story today. I am going to write it. In fine, the bad guys will win and his sonic screwdriver will be invisible.” (Dan)
  • “His books were epic. My eyes popped out when he told me about Doctor Who. I have lots of ideas about writing aliens now!” (Mason)
  • “He told us everything he could. He writes Doctor Who, you know, the imaginary one. He helped me describe my ideas.” (Tilly)


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Cavan Scott was by far the best part of our Literacy week! He was creative and inspiring – the children were in awe! Following his imaginative input, all children were enthused about their own learning and went on to produce some really fantastic pieces of writing. Highly recommended!”

Kelly Maudsley, Literacy Coordinator, Bromley Heath Junior School, Bristol

“Cavan came into visit the Year 5 children as they were embarking on the Doctor Who Script to screen competition.

He came into school and spoke enthusiastically to the whole year group (86 children), about his work, how he had started writing and he showed them slides and answered their questions.

In class groups (approximately 30 children), Cavan ran some work shops, he shared draft copies of a script and allowed children to see a mask from Doctor Who which sparked off a great deal of discussion. He discussed how to develop ideas and how to never be afraid to change work through the editing process.

His visit inspired the children and gave them the confidence to have a go at writing a script and to expand their own ideas. It was great to have a positive role model, and one who gave hope to those children for whom writing is not the most natural of activities! It was great for us all to see that with perseverance and hard work, we can all work towards being in our dream job – this gave the children a real sense of aspiration.

I would not hesitate to recommend a Cavan to inspire others through talking about his own journey.

We will certainly be inviting him back to school this year!”

Mary Petela – Year 5 Learning Leader, Hanham Abbots Junior School, Bristol.



Get in contact today

If you would like to book a date, or would like more information, drop me an email me today. I look forward to hearing from you.


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