Here’s a handy list of my book, audio and comic releases in 2019.

Date Title Media Publisher
15 Jan Doctor Who: Devil in the Mist Audio Big Finish Productions
21 Feb Warhammer Adventures: Attack of the Necron Novel Black Library
19 Mar Star Wars Choose Your Destiny: An Obi-Wan & Anakin Adventure Gamebook IDW
27 Mar Star Wars Adventures #19 Comic IDW
April Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: The Real Ghostbusters Comic IDW
April The Cor!! Buster Humour Special Comic Rebellion
24 Apr Star Wars Adventures #20 Comic IDW
30 Apr Star Wars Dooku: Jedi Lost Audio Del Rey
1 May Sonic the Hedgehog 2019 Annual Comic IDW
4 May Star Wars Adventures Free Comic Book Day 2019 Comic IDW
4 May Incredibles 2 Free Comic Book Day 2019 Comic Dark Horse
8 May 2000AD Prog 2130 Comic Rebellion
7 May Tales From Vader’s Castle Trade Paperback IDW
16 May Warhammer Adventures: Claws of the Genestealer Novel Black Library
May Star Wars Adventures #21 Comic IDW
16 Aug Warhammer Adventures: Secrets of the Tau Novel Black Library
17 Sep Wonderland Short Story Titan Books