Star Wars A New Hope in Concert

Apologies for not blogging or indeed sending out a newsletter for a while. I have been buried by various heavy deadlines, which will continue for the rest of the year, but I wanted to just acknowledge the incredible day I had yesterday.


Alongside my Adventures in Wild Space collaborator, Tom Huddleston, I was honoured to be invited to speak to a group of Star Wars-loving families at the Royal Albert Hall yesterday.

We talked about Adventures in Wild Space, ran quizzes and Wookiee impression contests and answered questions about writing for a galaxy, far, far away.

The RAH’s Elgar Room was packed and, as always, it was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of Star Wars fans and especially the love they share for the saga as families.

And yes, we couldn’t resist signing the guest book…

Then, yesterday evening, I was invited as a guest of the Royal Albert Hall to watch Star Wars A New Hope In Concert, a special screening of the film with the London Symphony Orchestra playing John Williams’ iconic score.


I went with another Tom, my friend Thomas Gray, a brilliant musician who does a lot of work with the RAH’s Education and Outreach programme.

Words can’t describe the atmosphere in that hall when the orchestra struck up the 20th Century Fox fanfare. What a performance, and a real feat of endurance from the musicians who played straight through the film with only a brief intermission (as the Falcon is pulled into the Death Star. A perfect time for delicious RAH Salted Caramel chocolate!).

The orchestra deserved every moment of their standing ovation.

Thank you to the Royal Albert Hall for a day I will never forget. I am wearing my exclusive Death Star t-shirt right now (which you will be able to see if you tune into my live YouTube chat with Star Wars Refuge tonight at 8pm GMT!)

If you were there yesterday, or at any of the performances on the tour, why not leave your own memories of the concert below? 

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