Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #12 out now

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Happy New Comic Day! Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #12 is out today, wrapping up our two-part Sin-Eaters arc.

The story so far: The Doctor has been imprisoned in a facility at the heart of a time storm, locked up for the murder of his new companion, Tara Mishra. But Hesguard is no ordinary institution, and on arriving to break the Doctor out, Rose discovers that the criminally insane are being ‘cured’ by Sin-Eaters – creatures that can absorb their patient’s darkest thoughts. Unfortunately for everyone on the station, the Doctor’s dark side is unlike any other… and has manifested itself as a monster.

Here’s a sneak peek of the first few pages by Adriana Melo and Marco Lesko.

And let’s look at the covers. First up we have this beauty from Cris Bolson and Marco Lesko:

And then we have Will Brook’s latest photo masterpiece, a tribute to Rose’s first appearance:

Cover C is part of a linked set by Ryan Hall, featuring his amazing paper art:

And last, but not least, comes this magical art from Pasquale Qualano:

Aren’t they all wonderful?

Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #12 is out now, available from all good comic shops and digitally from Comixology US and UK.

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