Here’s a handy list of my book, audio and comic releases in 2017. Click on the link for more news.

For clarity’s sake, I’ve omitted my weekly strips for The Beano, but you can follow news about those here.

Jan 5Doctor Who: The Lost AngelAudiobookBBC Audio
Jan 11Vikings: Uprising #4ComicTitan Comics
Jan 18Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #9ComicTitan Comics
Jan 18Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Vol 2 - DoctormaniaComic CollectionTitan Comics
Feb 15Doctor Who: The Eternal BattleAudio DramaBig Finish
Feb 21Vikings: GodheadComic CollectionTitan Comics
Mar 1Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #10ComicTitan Comics
Mar 7Doctor Who: Supremacy of the CybermenComic CollectionTitan Comics
Mar 9Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space - The ColdNovelEgmont
Mar 29Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #11ComicTitan Comics
Apr 20Doctor Who: The Shining ManNovelBBC Books
Apr 26Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #12ComicTitan Comics
May 2Doctor Who: The Lost MagicAudiobookBBC Audio
May 3LEGO DC Super Heroes: The Awesome GuideBookDK
May 3TEKKEN #1ComicTitan Comics
May 4Doctor Who: The Bleeding HeartAudio DramaBig Finish
May 24Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #13ComicTitan Comics
May 31Star Trek Waypoint #5ComicIDW
June 7Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Vol 3 - Official SecretsComic CollectionTitan Comics
June 14TEKKEN #2ComicTitan Comics
July 6Doctor Who: The Lost FlameAudiobookBBC Audio
July 26Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #14ComicTitan Comics
Aug 7Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #15ComicTitan Comics
Aug 14Warhammer 40,000: Hidden TreasuresShort StoryBlack Library
Aug 16TEKKEN #4Comic Titan Comics
Aug 30Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension - AlphaComicTitan Comics
Aug 30Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Lost Dimension SpecialComicTitan Comics
Sept 9Star Wars Adventures #1ComicIDW
Sept 12Sherlock Holmes: Cry of the InnocentsNovelTitan Books
Sept 20Star Wars Adventures #2ComicIDW
Oct 3Star Wars: From a Certain Point of ViewShort Story Del Rey / Century
Oct 5Judge Dredd: Alternate FactsNovellaRebellion
Oct 18Star Wars Adventures Volume 1 - Heroes of the GalaxyComic CollectionIDW
Oct 18Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor Vol 4 - Sin EatersComic CollectionTitan Comics
Oct 19Ali-A Adventures - Game On!Graphic NovelPenguin Books
Oct 26DalekBookBBC Books
Nov 8Star Trek: WaypointComic CollectionIDW
Dec 19TEKKEN Volume 1: Blood Feud Comic Collection Titan Comics