Cover Reveal – Star Wars: Adventures In Wild Space – The Cold

I’m thrilled to exclusively reveal the cover for the fifth book in the Star Wars: Adventures In Wild Space series. Ladies, gentlemen and droids, I present… The Cold.


More stunning work by cover artist David M. Buisán there and, yes, that’s right, people… SNOWTROOPERS!

Needless to say, this Empire Strikes Back fan is very excited about that.

As you can see, our Imperial bully boy, Captain Korda, also returns and Milo and Lina’s ship – the Whisper Bird – gets in deep trouble. But, as for what else happens, my lips are sealed!

Here’s the official blurb:

Milo and Lina Graf have picked up the trail of their kidnapped parents — but an ambush in the depths of Wild Space leaves them stranded on a desolate ice planet. With an old enemy out for revenge, can they survive THE COLD?

Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space – The Cold is available in the UK on 9th March 2017 from Egmont Publishing.

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