New Book Day: Sherlock Holmes The Patchwork Devil is out today

When I was a kid, I saw Tom Baker as Sherlock Holmes in the 1982 BBC TV adaptation of Hound of the Baskervilles. I knew who Sherlock Holmes was, of course, but I had never really taken much notice of the Great Detective. This was different. This was the Fourth Doctor.

At least he was…

By the end of the first episode I was hooked, and had (almost) forgotten about the errant Time Lord. I had a new hero, a hero that romped over Dartmoor looking for a spectral hound. Not long after I saw my first Basil Rathbone film – Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon – and, of course, just two years later along came Jeremy Brett.

By the time I started watching the Granada TV series, I had already discovered Conan Doyle’s short stories and novels. I’d learned that Holmes was much more than the Baskerville case. There was a gaslit world out there to explore, with derring-do, dastardly plots and cunning deductions aplenty.

Thanks to Titan Books, my own entry into Holmes’ ever-growing casebook is released today – The Patchwork Devil


I hope readers will find much derring-do in its pages, not to mention some dastardly plots and cunning deductions along the way. Oh, and there may also be the shadow of another of my childhood obsessions in there. No, not the Doctor, but someone who has plenty of experience with gods and monsters.

Thanks to my editor Miranda Jewess for giving me this opportunity, and asking all the right questions along the way. The game is afoot…

Or actually, as you’ll discover, the game is a hand!

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