Bananaman takes a dive and Roger teams up with Minnie the Minx in this week’s Beano.

Want a Beano plug? OK, then?

The latest issue is out now with two strips from me.

With art by Wayne Thompson, Bananaman see’s Eric turned away from a diving board competition. Luckily, he has a banana!


Meanwhile, with art by Barrie Appleby, Roger teams up with Minnie the Minx to foil her Dad.


When I wrote this strip I had no idea that my run on Roger would be coming to an end. I’ve still got a couple to go, but then I’ve swapped onto another strip as regular writer. Who is it? Well, Minnie! Hurrah! Minnie has always been my favourite character in the Beano. I’m having a ball writing her!

But more on that soon. In the meantime, here’s Roger’s new writer, Andy Fanton! Good luck with the Dodger, Andy!


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