Writer chums, TARDIS visits and reviewing newspapers on BBC Radio Bristol – plus, another appearance on the Roundtable Podcast

Phew! It’s been a busy few days.

Monday saw me nipping up to that London in what seemed like the early hours for a day of meetings, both for Titan Comics and Big Finish. Then, in the evening, it was off to the Pheonix Artist Club for a great evening, meeting up with a host of writery chums, mostly connected to the wonderful world of Doctor Who. Organised by the lovely Jenny Colgan, it was good to catch up with Paul Cornell, Rob Shearman, Steve Cole, Andrew Smith, Una McCormack, Matt Fitton, Mike Tucker and many, many more.

Oh, yes, and this chap too:


Yes, a rare we’re-actually-in-the-same-place selfie with my good buddy and sometime writing partner, Mark Wright.

All aboard the TARDIS

Tuesday morning and I was off again, this time crossing the Severn Bridge to head for the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff. The fantastic folk at the Experience opened the doors for me to record a little promo video for the Ninth Doctor comic on the set of his TARDIS.

2015-01-27 11.32.28

Of course, I couldn’t resist having a little nose around at the Experience’s latest displays including a recreation of the Dalek’s Invasion of Earth, fitting after Mark and I recently returned to this troubled point in humanity’s future history in Doctor Who: Masters of Earth.

2015-01-27 11.34.35


Breakfast with Radio Bristol

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.01.39And so on to today, and an even earlier start as I popped down to BBC Radio Bristol to review the newspapers on the breakfast show with Steve Le Fevre and Laura Rawlings.

You can hear me babbling about the days news on listen again for the next 29 days. I turn up at  01:21:00 and then again at 01:28:00 to talk about squirrels eating cars. Obviously. Along the way, we chat about rewriting history, assassinations and Dame Judy Dench’s desire for a tattoo.

I enjoyed my time behind the mic with Steve and Laura and will be heading back to review the papers in early March.

Now, I’m back at my desk signing off the next Blake’s 7 releases from Big Finish.

From newspaper headlines to Federation wrangling. All in a day’s work!

Back to the Roundtable

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.16.47

If you can’t get enough of my dulcet tones, then the Roundtable Podcast has released my second contribution to the show.

In this episode, we workshop a steampunk story idea with guest writer, Peter O’Malley. It was a fascinating experience, and very brave of Peter who laid his story bare and allowed us to offer suggestions of how he could develop his world building and characters. That takes guts!

You can listen to the episode on the Roundtable Podcast website.


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