Spend 20 minutes with me on the Roundtable Podcast!

So, a couple of weeks ago, this happened:


Sitting in my kitchen in Bristol, I spent a wonderful couple of hours talking to the Roundtable Podcast over in the good old US of A.

For those who don’t know, the Roundtable Podcast spends 20-ish minutes talking to their ‘guest host’ (in this case, me!). This is put out as a podcast and then seven days later another episode is released. This one sees the Roundtable‘s regular host Dave Robinson, the guest host and a budding writer brainstorm a story they are developing. I’ve been listening for a while, so it was an honour for host Dave to ask me to contribute.

The ‘20-minutes with Cavan Scott‘ segment is up now and sees me chatting away with Dave and his co-anchor Terry about everything from the Beano and Skylanders to Doctor WhoWarhammer 40,000 and Blake’s 7. Talking very fast in my case, and so I apologise in advance for my gabble! I’d just seen Bristol City win at Ashton Gate so I was still a bit excitable!

Part two – the workshopping aspect of the Roundtable Podcast – will be up in seven days.

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