Another new Skylanders book – Time Twisters!

Skylanders-Time-TwistersAfter Terrific Tuesday yesterday, it’s time for Well-Awesome Wednesday and another new Skylanders book. Ladies, gentlemen and Chompies, I give you Time Twisters!

Something has gone wrong with time. Everything in Skylands is ageing – including the mystical Core of Light that keeps the Darkness at bay. Can Chill, Hot Head, Wash Buckler and the Skylanders turn the clock back in time to save the day?

I’m particularly proud of this shiny new hardback. It’s a great concept from Puffin Books that combines a novel with puzzles, activities and comics. Everything comes together to form one big story. Complete the puzzles to help the Skylanders  and enjoy the action as the story switches from prose to comic strip and back again.

Along the way there are fantastic illustrations by Dani Geremia, while Gergana Hristova provides explosive art for my comic strip sections.

Help the Skylanders by completing the puzzles…
... and then see them burst into action in comic strips!
… and then see them burst into action in comic strips!

Skylanders Time Twisters is available from Amazon and all good booksellers.

And come back tomorrow for Titanic Thursday and yes, yet another new Skylanders book!


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  1. It’s awesome to see this! I love you sense of story writing when it comes to Skylanders. Can you make more of them? Besides those that are the annuals of these Skylanders years?

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