Who is BananaKid? Plus, Roger meets Rooney!

Beanotown has a new champion in my script for this week’s Bananaman – Meet BananaKid! But who is that masked wimp, so wonderfully realised by artist Wayne Thompson?


Wayne also provides the art for my Roger the Dodger story later in the issue. Roger isn’t feeling well, but wants to get another Wayne’s autograph. It’s Wayne Rooney, back in the Beano.

Roger’s spent most his life trying to persuade his Mum that he’s too sick to go to school or shopping or anywhere else he doesn’t want to go. How will he persuade her that he’s well enough to meet his footy hero?


Hopefully, you’re well enough to rush out and get your Beano today.

In non-Beano news I’ve been a busy bee since getting back off hols. Unfortunately due to the nature of the majority of my work I can’t talk about much of what I’ve been up to. Gah!

At the moment I’ve got two audio scripts on the go. Both are solo gigs (although I’m working with Mark Wright on a new project next week). Notes arrived back today for script number one – which I will sneaky codename Project: Spooky. Not much to fix, but the script editor has made some rather splendid suggestions which will ramp up the terror  nicely (yes, this is a horror one, in case you were wondering).

Next up is what I will now call Project: Garden, for a character I’ve written before. I sent it to the Producer and Script Editor yesterday and so begins the nervous wait for their verdict. Gulp!

The rest of the week will me continuing with my next Skylanders book plus a new Sherlock Holmes short story. Meanwhile, the next series of Blake’s 7 full-cast audios for Big Finish are bubbling away in the background. We’re revealing the cover for Scimitar very, very soon and it’s a doozy. Cover artist Grant Kempster has even designed a brand new Federation ship. Can’t wait for you to see her!

Oh yes, I also listened to the dialogue edit of the first story of Vienna series 2 yesterday! It’s always odd listening to the dialogue edit. Without sound effects or music it’s a very different experience, but a good way of checking the pacing and flow of the story. Sound engineer Joe Kraemer is doing a great job. I’m looking forward to hearing what music he comes up with too. Exciting times all round!


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