The 2014 Beano Summer Special

the_beano_summer_special_2014Ah, summer holidays. Back in the days of yore when I was a kid and Curly Wurly’s were bigger (well, they just were), one thing said summer more than anything else.

Dracula lollies and the Beano Summer Special.

OK, that’s two things, but I loved them both. Unfortunately, you can’t get Dracula lollies anymore but this year you can get the Beano summer special again. Well, the Beano Summer Activity Special 2014 to be precise!

Even better, I’ve written not one, not two, but three Roger the Dodgers for it, with art by the brilliant Barrie Appleby. Roger takes to the skies, takes part in the Beanotown Water-fight Finals and goes mountain biking up Mount Beano.

Roger Summer Special

Available right now, the Summer Special is packed with activities and a host of new strips featuring Dennis, Minnie, The Bash Street Kids, Billy Whizz and the Man of Peel himself, Bananaman!

Now, can someone arrange for Dracula lollies to come back as well, please?

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