Roger the Dodger in Crash in the Attic!

What do you do when you need to clear out the loft? Just knuckle down and clear it out? Nah, not if you’re Roger the Dodger.


In this week’s Beano he calls a BBC TV crew to help, with smashing results.


In fact, it’s a bit of a Roger-invasion this issue. Not only does he turn up in Kev F and Wayne’s Bananaman, Dodge Cat makes a cameo in Stu Munro and Barrie Appleby’s fab back page Gnasher and Gnipper story.


Hmmmm. Maybe Dodge Cat should make a re-appearance in the main Roger strip again soon…

IMG_0271Why not rush out right now and grab this week’s Beano?

What do you mean you’re only wearing pants? So? Get down to that newsagents right away. No one will point and laugh, honest!

As well as Roger, there are all the usual strips, plus new laughs in the form of Constable Caveman, Emlyn the Gemlin, Bea, Tom, Dick and Sally (that’s a blast from the past) and Lord Snooty (there’s another one!)

Remember – Everyone we know loves the Beano!


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